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SNS広告 Wix     SEO      LP... " the way of the future"  is now!

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About Us

For web site creation with Wix, please ask us,

@ planning, LLC.

The company is now participating in the Wix Agency Partner Program, and our manager in charge at Wix is ​​always on standby. We can respond quickly and directly to various requests of everyone.

Wix partner, who are registered with Wix Marketplace who has experience of Wix paid site production management 200 sites or more will be in charge of production. For the establishment and management of the site at Wix please order.

We also offer courses for those who are aiming for side work and independence by using site creation at Wix. Wix certified trainer · Web master will produce and guide. Wix Partner training course in Kansai area, Wix Webmaster training course in company is also in progress.

In addition, we are building a worldwide network by language Esperanto. Please also let us new product test distribution in new market, expand sales channel and business matching.

We are currently preparing to establish "Upgrade Theory Institute  (provisional name)" aiming to improve your seminars, events and Web presence.

Team Meeting


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.


Upgrade theory

Search Engine Optimization for Wix site

We are holding a theory learning course based on your characteristics and the result of counseling.
It is a course based on Upgrade theory by highly experienced lecturer Ikkan Iĉinoseki.

Language: English · Esperanto
Web presence: site construction, treating SNS
Presentation ability: Audience correspondence, document creation
Economic Recognition Recognition: Easy economics and others

In Negotiation


The Path to Success

  • For corporate and individual business owners, we support the training of employees' capacity development counseling system follow-up personnel.

  • Advice courses will also be offered that will enhance management skills development, health maintenance, health recovery, mental enhancement for managers, employees and their families.

  • For individuals, we will give advice on improving work performance at work and advice for entrepreneurship, child rearing, health maintenance, health recovery, mental strengthening.

Business Meeting Discussion

Core Competence Optimization

A Comprehensive Approach

Those who obtained various qualifications at the end of your efforts and started independent work ...  Toward the realization of your own dream...
Web strategy and making leaflets are a pleasant task, but it takes time to put pressure on the core business. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the fact that you do not have a website now has the scale of reliability for general customers beyond whether the business entity is registering a corporate entity. We administer advertisement and marketing strategy, such as print production and website operation, to our contractors, and how about being yourself devoted to "main business"?
This is the so-called "core competence optimization".


Business matching
EC Site Division

Ponto lingvo estas Esperanto

  • Web site creation support

  • Free site · charged site, EC site, reservation site, multilingual website including SEO measures

  • Supporting various external business in Japan
    Trade, inbound, EC site, etc.
    Various consultations related to the management of companies and organizations abroad

  • Intermediary, interpreter, translation for contact with local specialist best suited for individual project

  • Support for new entry into the field and restructuring

  • Various proposals, registration, restructuring programs for individual projects are optimized according to local circumstances

  • Business opportunity introduction · Hosting business seminars

  • About environment, logistics, human resource development, etc. Direct information exchange with local people IKEF members is also possible


Please let WixyLand about Wix. We also do site creation and production instruction.


Various business services and network language training programs using Esperanto network are available.


This is a sales site for bags, wallets, and small items that have been designed by reusing Kakekake . Eat planning develops e-commerce for art-grade daily necessities by the well-established Kyotsu Izutsuya Shoei.


Joint purchasing and sales site by Esperanto network. By jointly purchasing our distributors located in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, we are able to import and export non-defective products from various regions in small lots. You can shop at the site.


We have adopted The Update Theory of Ikkan Ichinoseki about Web presence improvement and counseling.


Joint purchasing and sales site by Esperanto network. By jointly purchasing our distributors located in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, we are able to import and export non-defective products from various regions in small lots. You can shop at the site.

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Wix sites are vulnerable to SEO ... What a Heisei story w

Only sites who are not listed on the top are poor at setting. Please fully enjoy the linked play of Wix and Google. Various payment pages are also available.


A group of professionals who can control Wix freely . It also serves as a portal site where domestic Wix sites are posted. You can directly request work from WixStar and ten WixStar jobs.

Contact Us

Please contact us first

  • Site production / production guidance

  • Web presence improvement

  • Market expansion · language training

  • Counseling advice

  • DoMe domestic sales and overseas expansion

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